Mansfield No5 Hammermill For Metal Recycling

26 June 2018 by Matty Smith

A metal recycling company recently approached us for advice and information on the crushing and recycling of their metal products.

Having come up with a solution we invited them up to our works so they could see their product being put through our test facility which in this case was the Mansfield No3 Hammermill.

After being extremely satisfied with the outcome and results they placed an order for a Mansfield No5 Centre Feed. The No5 is a larger machine than the No3 unit that we used in our test facility which has a higher output capacity and production rate.

Supplied with the hammermill included the support platform with access ladder, feed chute, crash box, 250kw motor and starter panel.

Pictures of the completed refurbished Mansfield No5 below.

If this is of interest or for more information please contact us on +44 (0) 1352 732284 or email us at