Protecting The Enviroment

10 December 2014 by Matty Smith

Our dedicated team of engineers faced an unusual challenge earlier this year. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent engineering service to our clients. However, on one location near Grimsby we added a new feather to our cap!

In demolishing a building at Mansgate Quarry we discovered a nest made by a barn owl. Barn owls are a protected species and having been such a warm year this barn owl was on her second batch of owlets. Given the late stage in the season, their chances were slim but we contacted a local bird enthusiast who came and helped us move the owls. Our work schedule was modified so that we didn’t disturb the nest. A box was acquired and the owls were moved to a new location.

Owls 1
Owls 2
Owls 3
Owls 4
Owls 5
Owls 6
Owls 7